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ISBN 0932620868
(Excellent manual on props design and construction)
ISBN 1558701281
(covers all aspects of moulding, casting, and materials)
ISBN 1558701664
(Very detailed but specialized -- not latex but leather and other materials)
ISBN 1558702571
(Illustrated chronology of various props; good for research and/or design)
Vol. 1 ISBN 0916477010
Vol. 2 ISBN
(Vol. 1 covers construction techniques, Vol. 2 covers props, FX, lighting and other areas)
ISBN 0240512448
(Covers _everything_ about makeup but also has a section on FX makeup and casting that was later published separately, see next item)
ISBN 0240800990
(This is the standalone book mentioned above that covers only makeup FX; if that's all you're interested in then go for this one)
ISBN 0823052605
(THE text to get -- if possible; it was out of print but seems to have resurfaced...)
ISBN 0911137009
(Not a full tech manual but lots of good stuff on "how did they do that?" )
ISBN 0911137076
(More of the same as the first book, with a bit more tech detail...)
ISBN 0671608967
(Written for ceramics work but excellent for understanding multiple-piece moulds, determining parting lines, etc.)
ISBN 0240514351
(An excellent book written by a former head of the BBC effects dept.)
ISBN 0896761363
(good overall book on stagecraft)
ISBN 0312146787
ISBN 0688124771
ISBN 0345381521
ISBN 0345322630
ISBN 0028620089
ISBN 0240801083
ISBN 078942813X
ISBN 0865924538
ISBN 0943728479
ISBN 0786402709
ISBN 0786400935
A quarterly publication out of California that covers the FX field very well. Each issue covers one or more films, commercials, company profiles (a recent issue commemorated 20 years of ILM), and artist tributes (they've covered Dick Smith and Rick Baker among others). It's not cheap but it's one of the best resources around, and since they've now started accepting advertising there are more sources for materials to investigate.

You can get subscriptions through their
website, or contact them as follows:
P.O. Box 20027
Riverside, CA 92516

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800-434-3339 (credit card orders only)

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