"More blood, more blood! Here, give me the bottle!"
(attributed to director William Wyler on the set of BEN-HUR)

Wizard's Den blood has been used (and praised) by law enforcement officers for SWAT exercises -- and when the police say it looks real, you know it has to be good! Of course, I can't take all the credit; the formula I use was developed by Dick Smith, arguably the best makeup artist there ever was, or will be.


 Here is a demonstration of blood used with a knife especially constructed for cutting effects.



The blood comes in two versions...Type 1 is edible, Type 2 contains an additive to enable the blood to soak into fabrics (more like the real thing) and is NOT edible; we can also make thicker or thinner blood for special applications.

While all bottles are labelled, be sure to order what you need and to double-check before using.



Brian D. Oberquell/The Wizard's Den SPFX Studio