Note -- while some of these sites are designed for Halloween-related functions like haunted houses, they offer a wide selection of products, materials or plans that can be used for other FX work:


The Animatronics Resource Site

Burman Industries

Halloween-l Archives

Halloween Productions, Inc.

Haunt World


Mr. Scary Productions

The Monster Makers

Cool FX Makeup for Halloween

(Thanks to Brianna [great name] for this link!)

Theatre Effects

Tombstone Prod.Special FX


Let's face it; you can't spend all day and night working. Here are a few sites that I enjoy and hope you do, too:

Sluggy Freelance

(This site is worth it just for Bun-Bun, a switchblade-wielding mini-lop rabbit!)

Kevin and Kell

(Can an inter-species marriage work? What about the kids?)

User Friendly

(Computer geeks of the world unite!)


(From across the ocean, a British site whose comics include "Computers" {where PCs discuss the problems involved with upgrading and maintaining their humans...} and "Graham" {not quite an English version of DILBERT, but he does know how to handle non-Y2K-compliant computers...})


If you would like your site listed, know a site that you think should be included, or if you find a broken link, please contact me with the details.



Brian D. Oberquell/The Wizard's Den SPFX Studio